If your new favourite shirt is too long after you worn it then you will feel bad and dreadful. In this case you want your shirt as tighten one which fits for you in perfect manner. You will find best and possible ways to contract your shirt in few sizes. Dissimilar methods are available in online which will help you to reduce the size of shirt in effective way. If you make a short research in it then you can find the best one in little time. Simple tricks will provide you great results in your shirt. Methods in online will help you to get your shirt in perfect fit. First you have to verify back label of your shirt and read the instructions in it. Without reading it you should not take actions because it will mess up the shirt with terrible look. If you did not have enough knowledge in how to shrink a shirt then make use of online resource which will help you with great guidance. As per the instructions you can continue the size reducing process. If the garment recommends you to take dry clean then you want to make use of gentle method so that it will not damage your shirt.

Shirts like cotton and fabric one will shrink easily than other types of shirts. Normally shirts will come in pre shrink so that you should not expect reduce more size reduction. Once you verify the back side tag of your shirt then you can begin the minimizing process with the help of effective methods. Gentle method is the first one which will reduce in size without any hard efforts. You can search in internet that how to shrink a shirt so that you can obtain enormous results from dissimilar sites. Initially you have to fill the spray bottle with water. If you are going to reuse any previous scatter bottle then you want to clean it in effective manner because the chemicals present in the bottle will damage the shirt. With the use of scatter bottle you can sprinkle the water to all over sides in gentle manner.

You want to be careful at the time of immersing your shirt in water because some time it will finish off with smaller size. Now you have to dry the shirt in the dryer. Put the shirt in permanent press cycle in dryer and leave it for nearly 15 minutes. After the completion of time you have to remove the shirt from dryer. You can see the dramatic changes in your shirt in its stretch then it is completely ready to wear. If you did not get the expected size then you can repeat the method until you get the required size in your shirt. In this case you can alter the settings to higher heat one in your dryer. If you like to fresh up your shirt then you can place a sheet of fabric softener in dryer so that you can wear the shirt with fresh smell.


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