If you have long shirt in home then you can easily minimize it in size with the help of online guidance. Make some research in internet so that you can find the best way for your shrinking process of a shirt to be as smooth and straightforward as possible. Dissimilar effective methods will help you to reduce the size of shirt in effective manner. Reliable techniques will offer you shirt in perfect fit size. With the help of boiling water you can easily shrink your shirt in effort free way. Most of the clothing garments will enlarge the fabric because less quantity of cloth will be required at the time of manufacturing process.

Shrinking process will alter the shirt in reduced size

If you long cotton shirt then you can simply leave it in hot boiling water which will shrink your shirt in best look. If you don’t know that how to shrink a shirt then you can get many tricks and techniques. Shrinking process will offer natural look in reduced size. In the recent days pre shrunk shirts are accessible in large quantity so that all people can make use of it to avoid minimizing process.

Shrinking process of a shirt

Shrinking process of a shirt – how to shrink a t-shirt

Take a pot and add some water which fills your shirt completely. Allow it to boil for some time and remove it from heat. Now you have to put your long size shirt into the boiling water. The warm of water is the real formula which will shrink the shirt in successful way. Based on the expectance of size you want to proceed in boiling water. If you need more shrinkage in your shirt then you have to put the shirt once after the removal of boiling water from heat.

How to shrink a shirt – It’s not as hard as you think!

Otherwise you have to wait for some certain minutes and then place your shirt into boiling water. Leave the shirt for 20 minutes and you have to change in timings based on the size of your shirt. If you rest your long size shirt for more time in boiling water then you can expect more shrinkage in your shirt. Now you can drain the water entirely from the shirt and then hang your shirt for air dry for complete dryness. If you wait for it more shrink then you can leave the shirt in dryer for some minutes. Dryer will diminish the size of shirt in best way.

shrinking process of shirt

If you like to reduce more size of shirt then you can make use of harder method. People who don’t know how to shrink a shirt then they can get the best guidance from internet. Harder method you have to place the shirt in washing machine and rinse it with the use of hot water settings. If add cup of vinegar into the machine then your dress colour will not fade it any time. After adding vinegar then the washing machine will protect your shirt from colour fading. Default settings in your machine will help you to change all necessary settings as per your requirement. After this process you have to leave the shirt in dryer. If you like to dry the shirt in fast manner then you can make use of regular dry settings in washing machine.

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